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Diabetes / Nutrition Education

Janel Getz, RDN, LRD, CDCES

Licensed Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialist

Appointments:  Thursdays

Individual Consults:

All initial education visits are provided on a one-to-one basis. Your initial visit will include a variety of self-management topics specific to your individual needs. 


Follow-up visits are also available individually.  Visits are usually an hour each, but can be adjusted as needed.

Medicare reimburses DSMES when services meet the national standards and recognized through an accredited program. Diabetes education programs are also covered by most health insurance plans.

Personalized Diabetes Management:

Diabetes management at Dakota Regional Medical Center takes a multidisciplinary approach to address possible complication caused by diabetes. Diabetes causes unique and chronic challenges. Your medical team will work with you to suggest lifestyle changes and a personalized management program.

In treating this chronic disease, as recommended by your HCP, patients may be encouraged to consult with an endocrinologist (physician who specializes in glands and the hormones they produce), an eye doctor, kidney specialist, wound care specialist, nutritionist, diabetes educator, and other professionals.

The pancreas is a gland that produces insulin, a hormone that controls blood sugar. When the pancreas creates too little insulin, resistance to insulin, or both, you may develop diabetes.

Dakota Regional Medical Center offers an Accredited Diabetes Education Program through the American Association of Diabetes Educators in partnership with the North Region Health Alliance. 


Our education staff is uniquely qualified through specialized educational training to provide diabetes education.  Your education is coordinated with the care you receive from you medical provider.  Our diabetes education team provides you with the tools you need to feel confident in managing your diabetes at home.

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