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Cooperstown, ND, USA

Contact us:  701-786-1704

Job Type:

Full Time / Part-Time


The nurse maintains the knowledge and skills necessary to provide care appropriate to the age of the patients served on the assigned unit. 


Assigns or delegates, within the scope of practice, education and experience, the responsibility for performance of nursing interventions to other persons for which that person has the necessary skills and competence to accomplish safely. 


Performs other duties as assigned or needed to meet the needs of the department/organization.

About the Company

At Griggs County Care Center (GCCC) we seek to maximize the quality of life for our long-term care population. We are a smaller 44 bed facility. We strive to care for each resident through “person centered care.” Our interdisciplinary departments and compassionate team of caregivers work together with the resident and their families to make care plans that are as unique as the individual themselves.

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